Youth Ambassador Program

Your participation as a youth ambassador qualifies as your high school community service requirement. In addition D.A.N.N.Y.INC will provide a written college recommendation upon request.

To Apply as a youth ambassador briefly describe the following:

What attracts you to being a youth ambassador?

Has bullying touched your life?

Describe an idea you have to create a local awareness event to advocate to help stop bullying?

What does leadership mean to you?

Youth Ambassador Responsibilities:

You will be required to organize a minimum of one event a year with the support of D.A.N.N.Y.INC supplying templates of different options. Example-bowlathon, walkathon, etc.

Talk to your school about how they can get involved in creating a compassionate environment.

A monthly email with our Chief Youth Ambassador to address progress, ideas, questions or concerns.

If you are interested in taking part in our Youth Ambassador Program, please send your responses to the questions above to: David Kestin at