Kindness was a natural state of being Danny practiced in every day life, it was part of his lifestyle. Society has planted seeds of illusion of what courage and strength represent. Without education of the heart, education of the mind is ineffectual to build a better world to live in. It takes great courage and strength to be kind, compassionate, understanding without judgement in a society where bullying behavior is highlighted as strength, facing accountability is deflected, and avoided because of the fear of being shamed. Lets help change the perception about accountability removing the stigma of fear and shame attached to it.

Bullies are broken human beings who should be met with compassion, patience, and encouragement to get to the root cause of their abusive behavior. Bullying is learned behavior, that can be unlearned with proper tools provided by professionals who can help educate them with emotional literacy skills. Parents can educate at home by teaching their children to apply kindness in their daily life; making kindness a lifestyle.

Be an avatar by being the example of kindness, compassion, understanding without judgement, encouraging all broken people to take the steps to help heal. Lets provide the world with the love, removing the stigma of fear and shame attached to accountability so we can nurture our youth to make kindness a lifestyle. Emotional literacy is just as important as academic literacy.

Danny believed in the the power of a pinky promise. If you want to join the movement with D.A.N.N.Y.INC submit the following in an email to To become an influencer of kindness on our page submit a photo of yourself making a pinky promise.

Become an Influencer in the movement to make Kindness a Lifestyle. Together we can make a difference.

  • + Agreeing to be a voice to stand up and speak out for others who are being bullied or discriminated against.
  • + Being respectful to all human beings without judgement. Being a source of positive support to those who have to face accountability for their actions; never using shame or humiliation to bully another human being.
  • + Volunteering to help with D.A.N.N.Y.INC events with by one of the following:
  • - Donating time, sharing events on your social media pages, seeking vendor donations
  • - Sharing your personal acts of kindness on your social media pages using the hashtags #Kindnessisalifestyle #DannysLaw
  • - Sharing any bully stories you might have encountered and how it made you feel, and describing the impact it had on your life.